Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Shares

Oh my goodness - where have I been? Too busy - that's what!
But I'm back with some great book recommendations and a couple of tech tools for teaching and coaching. I hope it's worth the wait. :-)
First of all here is one of the best novels of the year, One For the Murphys. I tried out a new tech tool called Tackk,, to showcase it. Think back to your childhood and tacking signs to telephone poles and now think of jazzing it up with technology and you've got Tackk! You can use it for just about anything but I decided to put together a little interactive poster for one of my favorite books. It has a book trailer and an imbedded interview with the author. Very cool . . . 
Click on the book below to be taken to my very first Tackk!


  Picture books  - Funny, Funny Picture books!!                                   
Click on the book for lesson plans!                     Click on the book for a hysterical book trailer!

Talented author Sudipta Bardhen-Quallen has done it again with two outstanding picture books. In Chicks Run Wild 5 baby chicks bed down for the night and all is quiet until Mama shuts the door then . . . those chicks run wild! In Hampire the farm animals fear for their lives if they venture out at night because the hampire might eat them!! Little do they know that what they think is a blood thirsty hampire is a vegetarian. These books aren't only for the younger set either. I read them both to a group of 4th graders and they howled!

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