Monday, November 12, 2012

The Teaching Channel is a great website that has a variety of videos on all subject matters. They are of varying durations from one minute to 30 minutes featuring PrK-12 teachers, many in their classrooms with their students, giving advice, showing you their lesson plans and offering tips and techniques on everything you can imagine from management to math!

Along with each video are several questions to stimulate conversation and reflection as well as a wonderful feature that allows you to add a bookmark "lesson planner" to your toolbar so as you come across videos you would like to save and view or share later, you can simply add them to your "lesson planner"! I love this feature!! Some teachers also include their lesson plans for you to download as well. There are quite a few videos that connect to the Common Core for those of you that are looking for those type of connections.

You do need to create an account but it is free and and only takes a couple of minutes. Check it out - it a dual resource as it works for teachers as well as coaches - which is what I am trying to accomplish with this blog . . . :-) 

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