Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meadering Midcoast Maine's Indie Bookstores

Part One - Camden

     This weekend, after seeing STEELY DAN at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor, ME my boyfriend and I made our way down midcoast Maine through the towns of Belfast, Camden and Rockland. It was a beautiful Labor Day weekend and we strolled through the towns' streets enjoying the wonderful weather. But a walk in any town for me always means sniffing out the independent bookstores to try and find books I have never seen before or those wonderful 2014 hardcover books that I must have. 
     Now, I must take a minute here to acknowledge what a saint my boyfriend is! He knows that bookstores and book shopping are my passion and never complains as I spend most of the time in these stores. He will wait patiently inside or outside and he isn't even a reader! Oh, I can get him to occasionally read a picture book or two if it's about a cat (we own three) but that's about it. But you will never, ever hear him ask me to hurry up or even a heavy sign come out of his mouth. How did I get so lucky?   

The Owl and Turtle Bookshop has been located in Camden for 44 years and refers to itself as "fiercely indie" and "truly local". It is a lovely bookstore with a great little cafe tucked in the back where I sampled a scrumptious piece of wild blueberry cake and a latte. I loved the addition of a display of what "your barista is reading" propped up at the counter. Now onto the books!